America is not the World is published today by Pankhearst, a collection of poetry and short fiction that takes home and history as its themes in the very broadest sense.

I’m thrilled to have a prose poem included. Called View from the Cockpit, it takes the form of a disembodied pilot who dispenses with operational flight announcements to give a running commentary on the scenes beyond the aircraft porthole.

Air travel and flight, I’ve realised, keep cropping up in the things I write. People are either headed to the airport to catch a plane, or have just stepped off one, or are stuck in the departure lounge waiting out delays.

Rather than just being some metaphor for a character’s personal journey, I think the reoccurring flight theme is me trying to grapple with one of my biggest fears. I hate flying – slightly less so since paying a small fortune to see a hypnotherapist – but I’ll never be its biggest fan. Not like the pilot in my Pankhearst story, who is most at home above the clouds, where borders don’t exist.

America is not the World is available to buy here. Coming soon is an interview I did with the Pankhearst crew, which I’ll link to when it’s published.




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