Mother’s Meat, a tiny poem I wrote, has been published by Five 2 One to mark Mother’s Day in the US.

It’s an odd little thing that came from nowhere and seemed without an obvious home, until I discovered Five 2 One – the LA-based, online magazine that celebrates works by ‘freaks, weirdos, black sheep and free thinkers.’

I’m not sure which one applies to me, exactly, but I’m kind of relaxed about all four…

As well as micro-poetry and flash fiction, Five 2 One publishes creative work in longer forms with book reviews forthcoming.



2 thoughts on “Mother’s Meat

  1. Hi Victoria, I keep coming across your stories lately – I’ve been reading back issues of Unthology and Short Fiction, and I had a story in the latest Prole as well – and I’ve really enjoyed your writing, so thought I’d look you up and let you know:)
    This is also a lovely little piece (I flirted with doing this very thing after the birth of my son, although eventually we chickened out and just buried it under a magnolia tree in the garden).
    Anyway, I’ll look forward to seeing more of your stories around.


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